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Online trader is a new generation profession that appeared only in the 21st century with the development of the Internet. An experienced trader can earn thousands and tens of thousands of dollars, with a free work schedule, having only a computer, a tablet or a smartphone at their disposal. However, it can take years to…

Online trader is a new generation profession that appeared only in the 21st century with the development of the Internet. An experienced trader can earn thousands and tens of thousands of dollars, with a free work schedule, having only a computer, a tablet or a smartphone at their disposal. However, it can take years to become a professional. The money spent, the nerves, and most importantly, the time, for many turn out to be an unbearable price paid for the experience gained. Moreover, the result is far from obvious. After all, numerous stories have been heard about people who lost their money trying to trade in financial markets.

This is all true. And, unfortunately, not everyone can become a successful trader. Just like not everyone is born to be an astronaut. But, as the ancient saying goes, there are at least two ways out of every hopeless situation. In our case, these are financial services PAMM and Copy Trading, which allow you to take advantage of someone else’s success on mutually beneficial terms.

What is PAMM and How It Works

PAMM (from the English PAMM – Percent Allocation Management Module) is a simple passive investing service that allows you to transfer your funds to the management of one or several successful and experienced traders who will trade for you, retaining a certain part of the profit as a reward. No profit, no reward.

A huge plus of this service is that the trader trades not only with the funds of investors, but also with the trader’s own money. This is a prerequisite, which significantly increases the responsibility of the trader and the quality of their transactions. After all, if something goes wrong, the trader will, in the first place, lose their personal capital.

PAMM is one of the services that clients of the international brokerage company NordFX receive. This broker not only provides a platform for trading currencies and crypto-currencies, stocks, oil and precious metals, but also provides transparent cooperation between the investor and the trader. Thanks to this, you can be sure that all of the trader’s obligations, including financial settlements, will be fulfilled on time and with 100 percent accuracy. The trader does not have the slightest opportunity to spend your money for personal needs, use it in other inappropriate ways or steal it. All work takes place under the scrutiny of NordFX, a company in which clients from 190 countries have opened more than 1.500.000 accounts, and which has been receiving professional awards as the most reliable broker for several years.


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At the same time, you choose the trader to whom you want to entrust funds to management. NordFX will provide you with their trading history and statistics, including almost 50 parameters, thanks to which you can decide if their trading strategy and risk/reward ratio are right for you. It is clear that the higher the profit, the greater the risks. Therefore, many investors start with modest amounts, from $100 and up, to understand how everything works in practice.

How to Invest in PAMM in a Few Minutes

1. First you need to register on the website of the brokerage company NordFX. This happens online and takes only two minutes. Please provide your real name and last name, your email and mobile phone number. After confirmation, go to your Trader’s cabinet. It is also possible to register via social media.

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2. Then, in the Trader’s cabinet, click on the “Dollar” icon and select “Funds Deposit”. The company allows you to choose any convenient method of deposit of your choice: international bank transfer, VISA/Mastercard bank cards, many electronic payment systems. Top up your account with the amount you plan to invest.

3. After depositing, we proceed to choose a manager. To do this, the NordFX broker has a transparent rating on the managers’ “showcase” that includes all the necessary information: account age, growth charts, balance size, maximum drawdown and profitability, as well as many other statistics.
It is necessary to understand that a trader can conduct both successful trading and suffer certain losses at some point. Therefore, we recommend investing your funds in several managers at the same time, forming your own investment portfolio. This will significantly reduce risks and allow you make a profit, even if one of the traders makes several unsuccessful transactions.

How Much You Can Earn Investing in NordFX PAMM

The main advantage of the foreign exchange market is unlimited profitability, which can be many times higher than the interest on bank deposits. Traders can earn tens or hundreds of percent of profit per month for you. It depends on their trading style and strategy aggressiveness. The more aggressive the strategy, the higher the profits and the higher the risk for the investor.

For example, let’s look at the profitability chart of the first (at the time of this writing) trader in the NordFX rating (Fig. 1).

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For thirty-one days of his trading, this trader managed to make a profit of 74% of the initial deposit. That is, if you had invested $1000 in it, your account would have grown by $740 in a month. In case the trader’s reward is equal to 30% of the profit, your earnings will be 70% or $518. Not bad at all: in just a month, an increase of more than 50%, and this despite the fact that you yourself did not have to make any transactions, the trader did all the work for you. But the risk with such a trade is not small: the drawdown (negative difference between funds and balance) had reached 58% at some point.

The second example is a trader who has been trading steadily for half a year. During this time, they showed a return of 56%, but the drawdown did not exceed 15%, thanks to the use of a more conservative strategy.

What is NordFX Copy Trading

The second lifesaver for those who are unwilling or unable to trade on their own is Copy Trading. The basic principle is the same as that of PAMM: an experienced trader trades and earns, and you get the same profit as theirs. The commission is charged on the profit, so if they earned for you, you pay, if not, the trader is left without a reward.
But besides the similarity, there is also a major difference. In the case of Copy Trading, you do not transfer capital to a trader. It’s just that all their transactions are automatically copied to your account. Thanks to this, you get the opportunity to personally control everything that happens to your money, and you have full information: when and in what direction the trader opened a transaction, what volume, for what trading asset. And in the event of force majeure, you can close the trades you do not like yourself and disconnect your account from the signals of a particular trader.

The investment scheme here is in many ways similar to the PAMM and consists of the following stages:
1. Opening a personal account at NordFX;
2. Depositing the necessary sum (you can start from $100);
3. Selecting signal providers in a transparent rating (in other words, traders whose trades you will copy);
4. Forming your own investment portfolio;
5. Subscription.
Many newbies may be worried about the inconsistency in the amount of capital between a trader and an investor. However, do not worry about this, since the system will automatically select the required volume and adjust the ratio. At the time of subscription, a window will pop up where you will need to specify the amount of your capital that will be used for copying. You can also customize the conditions of copying for yourself and your deposit.

Earning Prospects

NordFX Copy Trading is immensely popular among investors and traders due to its potential profitability and cost minimization. For example, a trader who takes an honorable second place in this rating has demonstrated a return of 480% in 40 days of their work (Fig. 2). At the same time their reward is just 10% of the profit.

Of course, this example shows an almost perfect picture of an aggressive investment. Moreover, in reality you can earn even more. But, we have to repeat: in the pursuit of superprofits, you can just as well lose all your capital. And no honest trader will guarantee that in the future they will show the same results that they had in the past. Therefore, before investing in financial markets, you must assess your capabilities realistically, and in no case risk all your funds.

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If you still have questions left, you can always contact the NordFX Support Service. You will also find answers to many of them in the corresponding sections on the website of this brokerage company.

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