Why MetaTrader 5 ?

  • The netting system is traditionally used in stock markets. The advanced depth of market also becomes available in this mode.
  • 2 market orders, 6 pending orders, 2 stop orders and trailing stop – the full set of trading orders allows using any strategy
  • 38 built-in indicators are available for professional technical analysis
  • 44 built-in analytical objects provide a comprehensive analysis of currency and stock quotes
  • Straight from MetaTrader 5 users can choose and subscribe to professional traders’ signals and copy their deals
  • Choose trading signals based on profit and risk values, the number of subscribers and other useful information
  • Pay for a trading signal subscription using your preferred payment method
  • The economic calendar helps forecast the market quotes movement
  • Financial news releases affect financial security quotes; you can read the news straight from your platform
  • The largest Market of trading robots and technical indicators for MetaTrader 5 is available straight from the platform
  • Every Market product is provided with a detailed description, screenshots and other useful details
  • You can test any Market product in the strategy tester for free before buying it

For whom is MetaTrader 5 ?

MT5 is a Trading platform that makes sure you understand that it is not a game. this does not mean you have to go a couple of years to school to work with it but it does mean there is a learning curve to start.

Beginner . you will find here at MT5 Tutorials that what you need to get started. if you plan to pick up trading then what better platform to learn on then the platform that represents the future and is able to take your trading faster to the next Level.

Proficient –  Traders that know how to trade most likely are doing this on MT4 which is perfect as is , BUT , MT5 does provide some advantages and is growing . Metaquotes is no longer investing as much time and resources to wok on updating MT4 as they re pushing MT5 . this would be a good time for you to make the switch.

Professionals –  For the real Traders among you  there are only so many platform you are able to use. Metatrader 5 is one of them but one with the most upside. More and more brokers are offering it and you are able to design any EA or indicator you need or want. Metatrader 5 is the platform that will take you to 2025.