MetaTrader is one of the most popular trading platforms in the forex industry. Pretty much every broker has had experience with the software and is featuring it till this day. One of the most important aspects of the platform is the fact that it is a go-to and one of the simplest ones out there. It used to feature MetaTrader4 only, but it has now come up with one of the most popular platforms of today, the MetaTrader5.

MetaQuotes review

MetaQuotes is the company behind these platforms, they have been in the market almost as long as the digitalization of the market. Every single forex broker used to offer their services on this specific platform, but recently many competitors have been appearing on the market and trying to take it over. Many brokers are starting to feature their own custom developed applications that are tailored to their customer’s needs. However, MetaQuotes was fast to react to this and updated their flagship software MetaTrader4 and started offering their customers MetaTrader5 with which they reached the same level as their competitors. It’s important to note that MetaQuotes MT4 download statistics have also changed, lagging behind MT5.

MetaQuotes MT5

MetaTrader5 finally allowed its customers to multi-task, the linear design of MetaTrader4 was quickly becoming unpopular and something needed to be done. Now customers can easily manage multiple accounts. With this new features, advanced traders will have the ability to quickly conduct their high-frequency trades by executing them with no delay even with the fastest moving markets. The way they did this was allowing customers to display multiple graphs at the same time to be able to focus on them more easily. Also, if there is a specific currency pair you want to look at, the update also has a feature to cover your whole screen with it.

New Features

Triple Exponential Average is the new oscillating indicator. With this, you will be able to filter out the market noise a lot more easily than before. Market Facilitation Index will be available for you in the form of the new Bill Williams indicator, which is a signal based on how the price, volume and the indicator interact with each other.

The automated trading function is one of the best additions for the platform as well. It is actually an award-winning feature. The trading script generator on MetaTrader5 is a lot more powerful and clean than its past counterpart. MetaTrader4 actually featured quite a lot of problems with its automated trading function, which created some second guesses for traders, before they committed to it. Now they can activate without a thought of losses due to technical difficulties. MetaQuotes ID also became quite an easy feature to manage as many traders would forget or disregard it.

MetaTrader5 has been making into headlines for the past few months. There is no doubt that it has become the flagship trading platform for many brokers. Even the top tier brokers can’t function without featuring it on their website. MT5 will also be very helpful for those who decide to start off with just a demo account to get acquainted with its features. MetaQuotes was able to masterfully implement innovations of the last few years. They were able to streamline the software yet make it a lot more powerful. Back in the day when they deleted the MetaQuotes demo feature, was when they learned the lesson to always listen to the traders and brought it back in MT4. They were able to add new features yet keep the interface and the menu user-friendly. MetaQuotes’ software will surely ease your stress during your trades.


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